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Photo Walk Phnom Penh – 3rd April 2011

Following on from the thoroughly enjoyable first Photo Walk (check out the flickr group to see the results), we’re doing another one (first weekend of every month is the plan). So, this Sunday, 3rd April, in Phnom Penh. Check out the details below!

Date: Sunday 3rd April, 2011.
7.00am at Cafe Java – if you don’t feel like breakfast/coffee before we start, just be there at the start time below.
Start: 7.30am, outside Cafe Java
Route: We’re open to following our noses a bit, but the general idea is to head over to Sothearos/Samdach and meander south heading into a fairly interesting little neighbourhood between Norodom and Samdach. From there we’ll go through the Buddhist village/area/temple and potentially, make our way over to BKK market. We’ll see how the photo walkers feel.

Who’s welcome?

Everyone! Whether you’ve got a camera phone, a point and shoot, a fancy DSLR, or an old style film camera, all are welcome. Pro or amateur, it matters not. All that matters if that you’re interested in having a wander around Phnom Penh taking some photos.

If you’re interested and need some contact details, leave a comment here and I’ll drop you an email. Don’t worry, your email address is not shown to anyone other than me.

How will I know who the Photowalk tour is?

There’ll be a bunch of us with camera gear inside/outside Cafe Java. As above, drop me a comment if you’d like to get some contact details to help meet up.

Guide Map

Please note this is just a rough idea of our route. Depending on how we feel on the day we may end up going a slightly different way.