Taking pictures in Cambodia, one step at a time.

Photo Walk Phnom Penh – Saturday, 3rd August 2013 – 11am

Hi everyone!

It’s been a long time since we had our last photo walk. I think it’s about time we went on another adventure! Since it’s the first one in a while, we thought we’d go big and head over to the Central Market. It’s pretty intimidating to go alone and take photos so we think it’d be fun to go as a group (if the groups too big, we can always split in two/three groups). There will be plenty of things to photography but if we want to explore the area around the Central Market, the route is completely flexible!

Who’s welcome?

Everyone! Whether you’ve got a camera phone, a point and shoot, a fancy DSLR, or an old style film camera, all are welcome. Pro or amateur, it matters not. All that matters if that you’re interested in having a wander around Phnom Penh taking some photos.

If you’re interested and need some contact details, leave a comment here and I’ll drop you an email. Don’t worry, your email address is not shown to anyone other than the photo walk organisers.

What do I need?

Very little fortunately! Some sort of image capturing device is a good idea (though we’ve had people just come along for the walk) – whether that’s your camera phone, a point-and-shoot, a home-made pinhole camera, a fancy DSLR, or, well, you get the idea.

Of course, as we’re in monsoon season it’d be advisable to bring a plastic bag which you can stow your camera if heavy rain hits, and probably not a bad idea to have a rain mac (though you can always get these on the roadside in times of need). Otherwise, that’s it!

How will I know who the Photowalk tour is?

There’ll be a bunch of us with camera gear inside/outside the meeting point. As above, drop me a comment if you’d like to get some contact details to help meet up.

Meeting Point

We will be meeting at 11am at True Coffee Shop inside Paradise Hotel, located on the corner of Monivong and st. 127 near the Central Market.

Social Network Events Pages

Check out the Google+ Event Page or the Facebook Event Page.

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